Std.IX - ICSE Board

Course Description

There is a quantum jump in the level of difficulty of subjects for students in class 11th as compared to class 9th. Therefore, it is essential that a student develops a strong foundation right from Class IX itself so that he does not faces much problem afterwards.

The study of standard IX is the major jump for students. There may be sudden pressure on students as well as parents. All parents are not in position to help the child in the subjects like Algebra, Geometry and English like earler standard. There is an acute need for the correct guidance to students in std. IX. Based on he habit of study of std. IX, student can take the challenge of board exam of std. X.

We believe transition from the 8th to the 9th is the most crucial period for a student. It is an exciting year of transitions and transformations – one that marks a turning point both academically and socially, for here is where the choice of career streams ahead is initiated. You need to focus on your strengths and perfect them.

The Talent Bright Program for Class IX is designed to set right this shortcoming in school learning and approach. Course Objective to nurture young talents and guide them right to perform better in their career.

We, at Aashirwad Classes, have adopted a methodic approach towards each and every subject. Right at the beginning of the academic year, children are explained the importance of Std. IX study from the Board Exam point of view.

Class Features

  • Doubt solving lectures
  • Viva Sessions
  • Personal Attention , Motivation
  • Personality Development , Communication skills
  • Accelerated Learning Technique
  • Skill Building , Aptitude Test
  • Well equipped Classrooms ..
  • Innovative methodologies

Advantages of Studying with us

  1. Experienced & Well Qualified & Expert Teachers.
  2. Student Centered and Exam Oriented Teaching.
  3. Quality Study Material for Self Study.
  4. The Limited Strength of Students in Each Batch.
  5. Uses Highly Modified and Advance Technology for Understanding Subject
  6. Well Planned Program of Teaching and Highly Competitive Environment.
  7. Highly Well Set up & Calm Environment for Learning.
  8. Conducting a Unique & Successfully Experimental Self Study Series & Home Test Series Pattern.
  9. Offers monthly Performance & Attendance Report is Send to Parents via Email/Whatsapp.